The idea for a James-Younger gang themed group came to life at a NOLA (National Outlaw and Lawman Association) meeting in 1992. The James-Younger Gang started in 1993 with just six members. The first president and founder of the group was Phillip Steele. The idea was for a national and international group that allowed serious historians, authors, family members and history buffs to get together in an effort to preserve the James-Younger gang history and the history of the era they lived in.  Every year the group gives awards in the name of the late Milton Perry, superintendent of the Clay County Historic Sites. Milt was in charge of the purchase of the James farm from the family in 1978 and the home’s subsequent restoration. His dedication to preserving the James family farm has allowed future generations the opportunity to study and know of the rich history of the era. The group is a non-for-profit that promotes the study of history. The James-Younger Gang’s bylaws allow the group to make donations to museums that contribute to the James-Younger history. There are annual meetings in places associated with the Jameses and Youngers. We have met in Missouri, Texas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas, Minnesota, Iowa and Kansas.  The membership at one time was near 300 from all over the United States as well as Canada, England and various European countries.